Inspirational nurse tackles COVID-19 in NYC

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Brianne Nykole Knight talks about her decision to move from Houston Texas to help front line medics and nurse fight the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. She has been hailed a hero, an outstanding role model and a true representation of what a nurse should be.

In the video she discusses, why she became a nurse, dealing with 16 hour shifts and the illness and death of those around her including colleagues as well as the challenges of insufficient PPE.

We can’t do it on our own. We’re all in this together….it’s about making a difference in the world. If you start going back going out you’re going to increase the amount of admissions in ICU.

Brianne Nykole Knight, ICU Nurse, New York City.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Brianne has been hailed by others, including this writer as a true representation of what a nurse should be. In volunteering to travel to New York City, the global epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, and risking her life in the process she epitomises the nursing code.

Inspired by a nurse who saved her father’s life, she has also been accepted to further her studies at Murray State college where she will no doubt continue to inspire those around her.

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